A sketcher (me) sketching the reflection of a sketcher (me) sketching a sleeping traveler (him)


On the slow (oh so slow) train to Taidong. This fellow gets on, sits down and I swer in less than a minute fell into a deep sleep. I started sketching him and noticed that my silhouette was perfectly framed in the reflection of his window. I felt this was a very cool thing to happen (cool things don’t happen to me very often) so I tried to emphasize the darkened shape of my sketching

Enjoying His Retirement

I met this elderly gentleman while out and about. I sketched as my wife and he carried on a conversation. He was suffering from terrible arthritis but he told my wife he would continue to fish even if he had to bait the hook with his toes. Man, that’s the kind of passion I need to bring to my drawing.

White Window Shade

White Window Shade
I liked the contrast between the “new looking” window shade and the rest of the house. A new window shade is a start-I guess. The weathered wood is still beautiful, but I couldn’t do it justice with my water brush.