RESTORE not DESTROY This beautiful old building is crumbling before my eyes. I wanted to get some kind of record in my sketchbook before it is gone forever. What a great art center or museum if restored to its past glory, but I think they want to build another convenience store so who am I to argue. We all know that a convenience store is much, much more important than a solid, but aging 100year plus historical structure. Hell, tear it down, who cares! I wanted to show how the entrance and a couple of the windows have been ravaged. I felt an urgency in my sketching because not sure how long this old lady will stay standing. I want to do a couple of the exterior. Too dangerous to go inside because the roof is all but gone and the interior has been gutted. I was angry when I drew this grand old lady. I’m angry as I write this post and I will feel bad every time I see my sketch, but that’s part of the urban experience-isn’t it?


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