Thinking About Better Days

Thinking About Better Days

Of course I don’t know, but I imagine this old soldier thinking about the days when he didn’t need that walking stick and his hands were more useful.


A sketcher (me) sketching the reflection of a sketcher (me) sketching a sleeping traveler (him)


On the slow (oh so slow) train to Taidong. This fellow gets on, sits down and I swear in less than a minute fell into a deep sleep. I started sketching him and noticed that my silhouette was perfectly framed in the reflection of his window. I felt this was a very cool thing to happen (cool things don’t happen to me very often) so I tried to emphasize the darkened shape of my reflection sketching him.

B & Q has no more blue

I guess they ran out of blue paint – hence the half finished front wall. I also noticed that there are just three little strips of an awning remaining, but the look fairly new. I have driven past this little guy hundreds of times and I always expect to see that it has collapsed, but it’s still here. It has become my little friend and I hope it stands for another hundred years.